• Angela Lau
    Applied Economics, Information Science

    Angela is an undergraduate at Cornell University, studying both Applied Economics and Information Science. Angela is passionate about wielding technology and using computing to create tangible social impact. She was born and raised in Georgia and is a proud Atlanta native. In her spare time, Angela enjoys reading, hiking, and learning new languages.

    TOM: Cornell University

  • Anmol Sharma
    Cell Biology, Genetics, Spanish

    Anmol is a 3rd year Cell Biology and Genetics major with a Spanish minor. Since he was a boy, he has wanted to be a physician and follow in his mother’s footsteps to help people using the power of modern science and technology. He speaks three languages (Hindi, Spanish, and English) and hopes to learn even more. After learning about the Coronavirus outbreak, Anmol helped form the TOM:UMD Community in hopes to impact the lives of vulnerable groups during these times.

    TOM: University of Maryland

  • Eitan Abecasis
    Computer Engineering, Entrepreneurship

    Eitan Abecassis is a junior at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor College of Engineering. As a computer engineering major and an entrepreneurship minor, Eitan has merged his two interests with the passion of helping others to pioneer a TOM community at the University of Michigan. Eitan was a member of the pioneering TOM program among high schools at the Leffell School, formerly known as Schechter Westchester in Hartsdale New York.

    TOM: University of Michigan

  • Epheson Belay
    Electrical Engineering, Industrial Control Engineering

    Epheson is a 4th year Electrical Engineering student, majoring in Industrial Control Engineering. She built a delta 3D printer with her friends and is currently working on Bionic hands in order to help people with disabilities. Epheson is always thinking of how to make a difference with the things that she has. She believes that if she wants a better life for herself, she should change the life of those around her.

    TOM: Bahir Dar University

  • Eugene Brukhman
    Industrial Design, Fashion Design

    Eugene is an undergraduate student at Pratt Institute majoring in Industrial Design with a minor in Fashion Design. He was a fellow at the Lehigh Mountaintop Initiative in 2017, where he spearheaded a project designing objects for people with mental illnesses, and has been facilitating Virtual Peer Support Art Therapy groups since the beginning of the pandemic. Eugene hopes to use design to help improve quality of life for people with disabilities in his professional career, and is excited for the opportunity to work with TOM.

    TOM: Pratt Institute

  • Gabrielle Weiss
    Science Engineering and Biotechnology

    Gabrielle is a rising senior at UPenn pursuing a major in Bioengineering and minor in Entrepreneurship. Using her knowledge acquired from these fields of study and her desire to help others, Gabrielle has launched the TOM Community at Penn. She is working with professors to integrate TOM into the curriculum of various courses and better facilitate the connections between UPenn makers and local Philly need knowers.

    TOM: University of Pennsylvania

  • Hannah Schrager
    Computer Science and Applied Mathematics

    Hannah is a junior studying computer science and applied mathematics in the accelerated graduate program. She is a computer science teaching assistant and is the Treasurer for her sorority Kappa Kappa Gamma and a member of the Society of Women Engineers. In her free time, Hannah enjoys playing piano, singing and spending time with friends and family. She joined TOM as a sophomore logistics apprentice and it has been the most inspiring and meaningful experience for her at Vanderbilt.

    TOM: Vanderbilt University

  • Harel Ravid
    CTO at Prometal, Mechanical Engineering

    Harel is a CTO at ProMetal and is also a student of Mechanical Engineering. He has experience in project management and mechanical product development, as well as volunteer projects, as the former branch manager of Engineers Without Borders in Afeka College. In addition, Harel served as a combat engineering officer for 5 years and discharged a Captain.

    TOM: Afeka College of Engineering

  • Jonah Dewing
    Bio-Medical Engineering, Pre-Med

    Jonah is a biomedical engineering/ pre-med junior, and also a community college transfer from his hometown of Southern California. Jonah first learned about TOM through the 2020 Columbia Makeathon, and was hooked on the work they were doing. Jonah is interested in seeing what Columbia students can do with more user-centered problems and solutions.

    TOM: Columbia University

  • Max Seidel
    Mechanical Engineering

    Max is a Mechanical Engineering student and he loves making!
    His passion for helping people began
    in high school when he built a Myoelectric Prosthetic arm that eliminated the need for TMR surgery. Since then he has built everything
    from a exoskeleton, prosthetic leg, and many 3D printers. During the COVID-19 pandemic he started Atlanta Face Shields, an initiative to fabricate and distribute face shields. To date over 4,200 face shields have been donated with more to come!

    TOM: Northeastern University

  • Nitzan Shauloff
    PhD Chemistry

    Nitzan Shauloff is a 2nd year Ph.D. student at Ben Gurion University's (BGU) Department of Chemistry and recipient of BGU's Dean's Award for Excellence in Natural Science under Prof. Raz Jelinek.During his MA (BGU,2019), Nitzan developed and published novel sensing methods for detecting tensile modulation and selective sensing of gaseous organophosphates (nerve agents) composed of carbon-based nanoparticles. His doctoral studies in nanomaterial chemistry focuses on carbon nanomaterials manufacturing and their impact on sensing application.

    TOM: Ben Gurion University

  • Orr Joffe
    Industrial Design

    Orr is an Industrial Design student. During her studies, she took part in a design internship at the Innovation Centre of the Alyn Hospital, which specializes in pediatric and adolescent rehabilitation. While at high school, Orr was a lead counselor (Rashgad) in the Scouts Youth Movement for children with special needs. She also volunteers with designing and preparing Purim costumes for children with disabilities. Orr served in the Israel Defense Forces for 10 years in a variety of positions.

    TOM: Holon Institute of Technology (HIT)

  • Roni Rosen
    Fashion Design

    Roni Rosen is a Fashion Design student at Shenkar College in Israel, and the founder of ROZO - a jewelry line for eyewear. During Roni's national service year, she worked as a Project Manager for TOM's global operations team, where she helped produce makeathons and developer groups to create solutions for people living with disabilities in Israel. Roni grew up in Givat Shmuel, and currently lives in Tel Aviv.

    TOM: Shenkar College of Art and Design

  • Sabrina Alessi
    Biomedical Engineering

    Sabrina is a second year student at the University of Virginia studying Biomedical Engineering. Her drive for bettering our world through medical technology stems from her experience 3D printing a hand for a young boy in middle school. Prior to attending UVA, Sabrina was president of her Girls who Code club and interned at an architecture firm tasked with generating CAD designs. At UVA, Sabrina is involved in HooThon – a group which works with children and supports the local children’s hospital. The formation of a TOM community on UVA grounds will provide engineering students the opportunity to apply their studies to seek innovations which will directly impact the community; a concept that strongly aligns with Sabrina’s goals.

    TOM: University of Virginia

  • Sarah Wish
    Cognitive Science, Psychology

    Sarah is a senior, double majoring in Cognitive Science and Psychology. On campus, Sarah is co-president of Michigan Hillel Outdoor Adventures and is also a Cognitive Science Peer Facilitator, giving prospective and current Cognitive Science majors advice and guidance. In her free time, Sarah enjoys bicycle touring, running, trying new foods, traveling and spending time with family and friends.

    TOM: University of Michigan

  • Selim Boukabara
    Biochemistry, Psychology

    Selim is a third-year biochemistry/ psychology double major. At UMD, he has been involved as a program manager for TAMID, and is interning at the Araneda lab at UMD. Selim enjoys playing basketball as well as discussing psychology and philosophy. Selim co-founded the TOM: UMD community in 2020 because he wanted to meaningfully respond to the COVID19 crisis and to help better the lives of others in a meaningful way.

    TOM: University of Maryland

  • Shai Milo
    Occupational Therapy

    Shai is an Occupational Therapy student at Tel- Aviv University. During her studies, she performed practical training at Loewenstein Hospital and a local school for children with Cerebral Palsy. Today, Shai works at a center for children with developmental disorders. Shai has taken part in a Health project in Ethiopia for people with disabilities. During her volunteering service year, Shai was working as a counselor at Neradim S.O.S village for children at risk.

    TOM: Tel Aviv University

  • Shaked Rotem
    Industrial Design

    Shaked is an Industrial Design student. All his life he loved to work with his hands and now also with 3D printers, laser cutting machines and CNC. During his studies, Shaked took a number of courses in Inclusive Design, which later led to his acquaintance with TOM. Through TOM’s work and impact on our society, Shaked realized that he wants to continue contributing his skills and creativity in order to help people.

    TOM: Bezalel Academy of Arts & Design

  • Shoshan Cohen
    3D Animation

    Shoshan is a third-year 3D Animation student. Before her studies she served at the Beit Hatfutsot Museum as a group guide, and also took part in two projects at Reut Group focusing on teaching 3D and tech at schools in Israel’s periphery. Shoshan participated in the production of events and community development at TOM. In her spare time, she loves reading books and creating things. Shosan hopes to use her skills to create a more accessible society.

    TOM: Bezalel Academy of Arts & Design

  • Sophia Neves
    Master of Architecture

    Sophia a Brazilian-American student pursuing a Master of Architecture degree at FIU in Miami. Her passion for design and problem-solving comes in part from a background in art history and volunteer projects in her hometown of Recife, Brazil. Sophia aspires to become an architect and urban designer that can help preserve our beautiful cities and contribute to projects that design with compassion.

    TOM: Florida International University

  • Teddy Lambert
    Computer Engineering

    Teddy is a third-year student in the Computer Engineering program. At Georgia Tech, he has been involved with several campus organizations including serving as the treasurer of the Georgia Tech Ice Hockey Club. Teddy is also part of the Space Systems Design Lab at GT. In his free time, Teddy enjoys playing hockey and tinkering around with any electronics he can get his hands on. Teddy joined the TOM:GT during its first year in 2019.

    TOM: Georgia Institute of Technology

  • Yotam Katzuni
    Industrial Engineering, Management

    Yotam is GSR Operator in NSO and Industrial Engineering and Management student at Shenkar College of Art and Design. Yotam has a passion for working with diverse populations. He has served as a counselor for the Israeli organization, My Wave (HaGal Sheli) which uses surfing as an educational tool for at-risk youth. In addition, Yotam served 7 years as an officer in the Israel Defense Forces "Shayetet 13" Unit.

    TOM: Shenkar College of Art and Design

  • Zameer Karim
    CEO at CycleVIN LLC, Pre-Law Political Science

    Zameer is the CEO of CycleVIN LLC and a Pre-Law, Political Science major in his senior year
    at CSU San Marcos. He serves as the Student at Large for the University Police Department’s
    Community Engagement Group in addition to being a Student at Large for the Associated
    Students Incorporated’s Internal Operations Committee. He is also an Arrow of Light recipient
    as well as an Eagle Scout.

    TOM: California State University San Marcos