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Human-Centered Design - Workshop 1

The first TOM Fellowship workshop, led by Veronica Alfaro, focused on human centered design. Fellows nominated “Need-Knowers” and co-created low fidelity prototypes that would address challenges working in the kitchen, all while interacting virtually!

Human-Centered Design engages the user in every step of the design process, with the goal to achieve a better result that takes into account all aspects of the user’s well-being.

In TOM “language”, we call the users “Need-Knowers” because they have a lot of knowledge about the need or challenge they, or someone close to them, are experiencing.

Watch the recording here:

Human-Centered Design - Workshop 1

More About Veronica

Veronica is a Design Technologist with a background is Industrial Design Engineering. She is also a graduate of the Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) at Tisch School of the Arts, New York University.

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