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Faculty are an integral part of the TOM@University experience. The best TOM@University communities involve faculty, as they provide high-quality student mentorship, inspire students to make a positive impact, and support community longevity on campus. 

Get Involved

TOM in the Classroom

Guide students to make a real-world positive impact by employing TOM methodologies through hands on learning and project creation

Professional Mentorship

Teach students about engineering, 3-D printing and other fabrication technologies, product development, community building, and more



Connect with a diverse group of faculty from around the world who share a passion of using engineering and design to support individuals in need

Community Impact

Make a meaningful impact in your local communities by creating novel TOM solutions or distributing existing solutions to help people with disabilities


We have numerous resources available for TOM@University Faculty. These resources can be found on the TOM Toolkit, a resource hub primarily designed for students in our Fellowship program. Faculty-focused resources from the Toolkit are also included below. Click any image below to access the resource.

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