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Daniel Levine

Daniel Levine

TOM: Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Dan Levine is an imaginative and curious researcher who enjoys using his skills to create technologies that help people live independent and freely. He is currently a PhD student at MIT in the Biomechatronics Group led by Professor Hugh Herr, where he designs quiet, discreet, and adaptive robotic limbs prosthetics for urban navigation. He previously studied as a Masters student under Professor Hiroshi Ishii in the Tangible Media Group, where he developed an interactive method for translating visual media into moving tactile forms for the blind, and at Cornell Tech, where together with fellow students he developed Pallette, an open-source tongue computer interface for paralyzed individuals ( He enjoys bringing his interaction design skills together with his technical background in mechanical engineering and computer science to make useful creations that are both highly functional and a joy to experience. Outside of his research work, Dan loves flying airplanes, flairing around the pommel horse, painting models, and eating watermelon.

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