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Scott Salling

Scott Salling

California State University, Fullerton

Mechanical Engineering

Father, husband, veteran, cancer survivor, and friend. Scott is a Systems Engineer in the aerospace industry while completing a Mechanical Engineering pursuit. With a deep passion for prosthetics sparked during service, he now seeks to bring opportunities to those whose paths were presented with challenges. Having experienced the goodwill of others and believing the kindness is at the core of creativity and innovation, Scott strives for a law degree in the support of providing necessary guidance to startup businesses with intention to service our community and impact social awareness. He desires to pass on the importance of teamwork and compassion to his family and the understanding that challenges are merely opportunities. He has a good understanding of what it is like to have barriers in life that make moving forward feel impossible. Some challenges are just that, only trials that force you beyond your comfort zone to explore and help you grow into your strong self. Scott learned a long time ago that perseverance and teamwork surpasses any obstacles. In the unlikely event of leisure, Scott may build, woodwork, and draw. More often than not, he chooses to spend time with family.

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