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Thomas Beltrame

Thomas Beltrame

Flinders University

Biomedical Engineering - Rehabilitation and Assistive Technology

Thomas is currently pursuing a Doctoral Degree at Flinders University, investigating the intersection between rehabilitation, music therapy and virtual reality. His specialties are in Biomedical Engineering and Data Science, having designed and built an assistive trumpet and respiratory rehabilitation device in his undergraduate degree, and focusing on machine learning and software engineering since graduating.
Thomas has a passion for rehabilitation and assistive technology and hopes to build a TOM community in Adelaide, Australia. As a TOM Fellow, he plans to facilitate innovation and collaboration between local Makers and Need-Knowers and connect the university with industry partners.
Outside of work and study, Thomas is a keen squash player and active musician. He aspires to design inclusive recreational and rehabilitative products, to provide everyone, regardless of physical capability, the flexibility of choice.

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