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TOM@University Playbook 2.0

Welcome to the second edition of the TOM@University Playbook! This is a 76-page resource that describes TOM, TOM@University, and provides recipes for creating TOM activities. The playbook explains the following, and how they fit into distinct parts of the TOM Process:

  • Makeathons

  • Online Makeathons

  • Design Challenges

  • TOM in the Classroom (Types I and II)

  • TOM Internships

  • Build Sessions

  • Rapid Response: Make & Go

  • Fabrication Centers / Makerspaces

  • TOM Book Clubs

In addition, the Playbook explains additional resources for TOM@University communities, including the Toolkit, Documentation System, and more. The Playbook also includes FAQs and a 'TOM Dictionary'.

Check it out by clicking the link below!

TOM@University Playbook 2.0

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