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Workshop 2 - Community Building

This workshop focused on community-building strategies. We heard from community-building experts in each session.

Commina, founded by Yael Oren, a visionary community entrepreneur, is dedicated to fostering meaningful connections among people. With her rich background in community development and leadership, Yael has spearheaded impactful initiatives in corporate settings, such as a groundbreaking project for Intel and a successful Community Relations Manager at HP.

We’re living in one of the loneliest eras in human history. 46% of American adults identify as lonely and 25% of adults feel that they have no trusted confidante. The pandemic has only driven us further apart, and our health hangs in the balance. David Siegel, CEO of Meetup, will explore why adults have trouble making authentic connections and share how people are using technology to find real friendships. Since 2002, Meetup has been the go-to platform for connecting with others over shared interests. Learn insights from the only social media platform that wants its members to log off their devices and connect in real life.


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