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TOM @ University is a global network of student-led innovation communities on university and college campuses working to improve people’s lives by making affordable open-source technology accessible to all.

TOM's student-led communities harness the skills and creativity of students and faculty, along with the fabrication capabilities on their campus to create innovative solutions for neglected challenges faced by people with disabilities, the elderly and more.


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Our Fellows

Students interested in starting a community on their campus can apply to join the TOM Fellowship Program - a 9 month International Leadership Program offering intensive training in community impact and leadership based on TOM’s Community Innovation Process.

TOM@University Communities are led by TOM Fellows who are dedicated students from various academic disciplines including: Biotechnology, Computer Science, Design, Engineering, Mathematics, Medicine and Nursing, Occupational and Physical Therapy, and more.

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About TOM

Started in 2014, TOM is a global network of communities dedicated to improving people’s lives by making affordable open-source technology accessible to all. To date, over 72 communities in 27 countries, have worked on 595+ prototypes with the help of over 5,500 volunteers.

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How You Can Help

A gift to TOM can change the life of someone living with a critical need.

Together we can strengthen our global movement and allow every person access to affordable solutions for their needs. Please join us in our commitment to create thriving community and necessary impact.




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