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  • TOM Covid-19 Response Presentation

    This is a PowerPoint about TOM's COVID-19 response that will help you with outreach to other organizations, clubs, or potential funders. Make a copy and adjust it accordingly to suit your needs. TOM Covid-19 Response Presentation

  • Activity Expenses Tracking

    This is a form to help you keep track of and manage event expenses. Anyone who is spending money for the event (whether they are buying supplies, pizza, or something else) should upload their receipt to this form. That way, you can keep track of who you need to reimburse. In order to use properly this template, make a copy of this form to adjust for your personal needs. Expenses Tracking

  • Activity Budget Management

    This is a document that contains four examples of what a budget could look like for a TOM event. You can use this document as a guide for budgeting your own event. Budget Management

  • Activity Materials Order Form Example

    This is an example of a Makeathon materials order form. If your teams need materials prior to the event, be sure to send out this type of form so you know what and how much to order. Makeathon Materials Order Form Example

  • Activity Visit Sign-Up Example

    This is an example of a Makeathon visitor sign-up Google Form from Columbia University's Makeathon in 2020. Use this form as a template if you want to have guests at your Makeathon, so you can keep track of who's visiting and when. Makeathon Visit Sign-Up Example

  • Makeathon Schedule Examples

    These are two examples of Makeathon schedules. The first example is from the Columbia University Makeathon in 2020, and the other example has an added column for task delegation. You can make a copy of either schedule and edit it according to the structure of your own Makeathon event, so you can stay organized and on schedule. Makeathon Schedule Example 1 Makeathon Schedule Example 2

  • Community Mapping Template

    This is a template is for mapping out your community, which will help you establish community goals and stay organized throughout the year. This tool provides ways to think about TOM in the context of your university community and beyond. Community Mapping Template

  • TOM Annual Work Plan

    This is a worksheet meant to help you plan your TOM activities for the year. Don't work on this document, but rather download your own copy and edit it as you see fit. The structure, titles, and content should serve as a guideline only. Feel free to change, adapt or even use a different format altogether. TOM Annual Work Plan

  • Launch Event Presentation - September 13, 2020

    This is the presentation from the 9/13/20 Fellows Launch event, which gives an overview of the 2020-21 TOM@Uni Leadership Program and provides helpful community-building tips. Launch Event Presentation – September 13, 2020

  • TOM Fellow Key Responsibilities

    This is a list of each TOM Fellow's key responsibilities, which helps you remember the key purpose of the TOM@Uni program. TOM Fellow Key Responsibilities